Food, Personally

I guess one could say that I have had a love/hate relationship with food during my short lifetime. Dealing with anorexia for several years was a time when food was my mortal enemy, leaving only yogurt and cereal to keep me going. During this time, I would admit that I probably missed out on quite a lot of food experiences. But then again, maybe not. Nowadays I have a civil relationship with food, and we can bond on a positive level. Food means a lot to me, not only as sustenance to live my life, but to support my life and enhance its quality. Food is a way to meet people, to structure situations, and can be a reason why families get together. First dates, marriage proposals, and life-changing news can all revolve around foodstuffs. Food is a universal groundbreaker.

Not only do I enjoy eating delicious food, I enjoy making it and watching it being made as well. Some might mention that I am somewhat tactless when it comes to my food creations, but deep-down, I am proud of my uniqueness. Sometimes my girlfriend, Annmarie, and I will prepare dinner together and I will act as her sous-chef during the meal—measuring water, stirring mixtures, holding tools—anything that will keep me away from the actual center of the meal. For this, I do not take offense to whatsoever; this boy needs to eat. Food is a way for us to enjoy each other’s company while creating something that does not come from a drive-thru window. Sometimes these meals do not come out as expected, but sometimes it is the process of the meal that brings the most enjoyment.

As I mentioned before, watching food also brings me pleasure. The Food Network has been an ongoing resource of entertainment for me. Iron Chef America, Chopped, Man V. Food, et all, allow me to watch professionals create food art that not only stumps me, but wraps me up in the drama that is food.

If experts do in fact say “that families produce a good cook, or a good gardener, only every second generation,” then I must have been skipped this generation. With that being said, I cross my fingers for my children and their children in hopes that they can satisfy with their culinary abilities.


One response to “Food, Personally

  1. i really like your writing style, i feel so involved!!

    next blog entries:
    – what are your favorite foods?
    – do you still eat yogurt and oats?
    – what are your specialties as a cook? post pictures if you have any
    – any anecdotes about the recipes that didn’t come out as expected but that brought you happiness? add pictures if you have 🙂

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