Food Log #1

This week was an interesting week to me food-wise. With the flocks of hungry young adults returning to campus, Hungry Boiler decided to make some special offers with restaurants around the area, making cheap meal combos a reliable source of nourishment for our working minds. I took advantage of these offers twice, getting a giant burrito for under three dollars and a combo Asian meal from Happy China for only five dollars. These two food deals made me a happy boy. Unfortunately, no more Hungry Boiler deals.

I am fortunate enough to work at a job that exchanges free meals and pay for my services. I work at Windsor dining hall a few days a week, and before my actual shift starts, we eat a meal. If one does not know about the dining courts, they have glorious amounts of food (all you can eat) and when a person moves out of the dorms, they tend to miss this luxury very much. I am lucky enough to be able to continue eating these meals outside of the dorms.

Since this week has been very busy with classes starting and work/internship has both started with a semi-hectic schedule, I have been making a lot microwave-type meals that are fast with very little thought put into them. But nothing says a delicious, nutritious meal like leftover Chinese food on a Saturday afternoon.


One response to “Food Log #1

  1. Ah, this is one thought i am very curious about!!
    tell me, what do you like about Chinese food, particularly about the leftovers on a sat afternoon?

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