Food Log #3 (Chopped Tuesday)

Annmarie and I share an obsession with a television show on Food Network called Chopped. The premise of the show is that there are four chefs competing for $10,000 and they have to create food dishes in a certain amount of time with mystery ingredients that they get moments before the competition starts. Chefs have to make a three course meal throughout the hour-long show. Annmarie and I have decided that every Tuesday, we are going to make a three course meal for each other and then watch the new episode of Chopped. We have decided that we are going to alternate weeks, and this past week was my three course meal. After work Monday evening, I went to Walmart and bought foods for my already planned dish so that I could make it after work and class on Tuesday.

Italian Wedding Soup

For my first creation, the appetizer portion of the meal, I decided that I would serve Annmarie Italian Wedding Soup with a homemade crouton that I created. I bought a bottle of champagne that we could drink throughout the meal as well. The Italian Wedding Soup had tiny pasta-like things in it with small meatballs and other various ingredients. The homemade crouton was fashioned out of toasted bread, butter, Italian seasoning, and garlic powder. It turned out very well and went great with the meal. For my appetizer, judge Annmarie decided that I was not chopped.

For my entry portion of the meal, I stepped my cooking skills up a notch and busted out the hardcore ingredients, ingredients that would amaze even the finest of Chopped judges—and with a palette like Annmarie’s, I needed to use all of my skills in order to impress this pretty judge.

Skillet chicken, red peppers, and herb potatoes.

For my entry, I created a dish that allowed me to show off my cooking talents. I made skillet chicken in one pan, roasted red peppers and onions in another pan, cooked brown gravy in another sauce pan, and made the mashed herb potatoes in another sauce pan. This meal turned out very well. Everything tasted really well together and it turned out better than I expected. I also added seasoning of different varieties to spice things up a notch. It was a heavier meal and was perfect for an entry-style creation. Annmarie also loved this meal and again I was spared being chopped.

For my third and final course, dessert was definitely in order. After a half hour cool down break after all of our food, I served up the sweet treats. What I did for dessert was Key Lime pie and cookie dough ice cream with some pink icing goodness and candied pearls to make the dessert plate look attractive. It was a very nice way to end this large, but delicious, meal.

Key Lime Pie and Ice Cream.

When this meal was over, and we both felt full and happy, we almost immediately fell asleep for about twenty minutes because of all the food we consumed. It was just too powerful to remain conscience after all of those calories. After waking up, the new episode of Chopped aired and I could tell by the look in Annmarie’s eyes that no one on the episode could compare to me and my cooking skills. My mystery ingredients were prepared better than any of those chefs and I knew that Annmarie was going to want me to cook for her all the time.

But with plates looking like this at the end of our meal, who could blame her for wanting my culinary skills in the kitchen at all times?


2 responses to “Food Log #3 (Chopped Tuesday)

  1. You’re my Bodie Flay! Cook for me always.

  2. Ahah! very entertaining post!
    next time you should also post a pic of you cooking 🙂

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