Food and Love

Food and love go hand-in-hand. Food can be the very first step into a wonderful relationship via first date, and it can be a major component in a marriage that seals love for the rest of two people’s lives. Food brings people together. Food creates relationships. Food is an icebreaker, a reason to see someone, and a destroyer of awkward situations. Food is love.

Food is always a key player in a relationship. Whether someone is making a meal or taking someone out to dinner, there is usually love and thoughtfulness put into what is being prepared. Annmarie and I make dinner all the time and we love eating together. We also love going out to dinner. Food Network is one of our favorite channels to watch, especially when we are together and watching television. It is so interesting to watch chefs doing the career that they love to do. It is their passion and they love doing it; you can see it in their work. Watching this network not only provides entertainment, but also it gives us ideas on what we can do for each other. If not work Food Network, Chopped Tuesday would have never been born. We love talking about food, eating food, buying food, and watching food. Food keeps people alive and food keeps people interested.

Food is also a huge source of family love. Food and meals keep families connected and helps them stay in touch. For me, during holidays, we always go to my grandparent’s house (as does the rest of the extended family) and we eat meals on Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve. We all eat huge meals of Thanksgiving and my grandma makes lots of snack foods on Christmas Eve. This is a way that families can come eat together and reminisce about past times and share what they have been doing currently. When my sister and I were younger, my mom, dad, sister, and I would all eat dinner together every night at the dinner table. It was nice because it was a time during the day when we all were around each other and we ate food and talked about what we were individually doing. It was a good way to keep us connected during our younger years. As we got older, it became harder and harder to do because of our schedules, but it was always a good foundation for us growing up because it connected us to the rest of our families.

Food and love complement each other in a very special way. I love food. I love eating food with people and my girlfriend. I love watching food. I love learning about food. I love cooking food and eating food. Food is a universal key that unlocks happiness and provides entertainment and special moments.


One response to “Food and Love

  1. so when it’s your turn for cooking (for your Chopped version) how do you prepare your menu?

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