Food Log #4

This week has been an interesting week for food. I guess not so much food-wise, but weather-related, and otherwise, this week has been greatly different. With two snow days eliminating two days of class, freeing all students and faculty from the harshness of weather and work, I’m sure many students hibernated in their apartments and houses eating and drinking. What else is there to do when you’re snowed in? Monday and Wednesday were regular food days for me seeing as how I had to work at the dining hall and had my two free meals. One of the days I was not very hungry and ate a hamburger patty with mac-and-cheese on it and a glass of milk. I can’t remember what I ate the other day there.

Tuesday, the first snow day, friends and I went to bars all day and ate and drank foods from different areas. Harry’s, Brothers, Jake’s, Sgt. Preston’s, etc., were all in the bar hop. Cranberry vodkas and pints of beer were on my menu. I didn’t eat any bar food because Annmarie was making me Chopped Tuesday dinner that evening. She made me bacon wrapped almonds, a delicious chicken breast with an almost stuffing-like concoction on top, with a chocolate dessert. It was very good and very delicious to come home to after a long day of drinking with my friends. Thursday, since I worked at my internship, I packed my bologna sandwich and lemonade lunch and ate a few chocolate chip cookies that were there that someone had brought in. That night, for dinner, Annmarie and I went out on a date to Chumley’s and ordered a huge plate of nachos and an order of fried pickle spears—accompanying these delicious foodstuffs was salsa, cucumber sauce, which was amazing, and ranch dressing (courtesy of Annmarie’s thinking). I drank a schooner of Young’s Double Chocolate Stout and she had water. Women. But I guess she did play DD for me and got me safely home.

Friday was another fantastic day because Annmarie did not have to work for once and we had the entire day and night. After running errands to Walmart to get a few things, we stopped by Little Caesars and got a large pepperoni pizza and breadsticks for only six dollars. 
The cashier messed up the order, so she gave us our breadsticks for free, which was really nice of her. After destroying that meal, we laid on the couch and watched some TV to ease the pain. An hour or so later, I took a shower and made a White Russian to start the evening, while Annmarie waited, and then started to make what might have been the most delicious strawberry daiquiri I have ever had. We drank lots of these and played Wii. Wii bowling to be exact since bowling is our new favorite sport. Before we went to bed, we drunkenly ate a few summer sausage crackers with this new chipotle western cheese that I had bought at Walmart earlier that day. Today I made Annmarie tomato soup and grilled cheese. She went to work and after fixing my dead car, I went to a bowling alley with some friends where we ate french fries, pizza, and Mt. Dew, which all came with our great bowling deal. I bowled a 180, which is the best score that I have ever gotten in a game of bowling. So excited.


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  1. nice. I always like your blog entries!!

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