Food Log #5

This week has been a pretty stressful one, and when stress comes, poor eating habits form. Lots of fastfood, snack foods, and easy meals. As usual, I ate my normal work meals, which was nothing extremely interesting. Chopped Tuesday was a little different this week. I had an exam Tuesday and had to study after work and that left me no time to go to the store to get ingredients for a proper dinner. Like a true Chopped champion, I used what random ingredients I had at my disposal at my apartment. For my appetizer, I made a favorite of Annmarie and I’s, which is a magical creation called bacon tots. This consists of oven tater tots wrapped in bacon. It. Is. Delicious. Uncomfortably greasy, but well worth it. My main meal consisted of a smorgasbord of frozen food that I had in my apartment. This platter was made up of french fries, chicken nuggets, cheese-filled breadsticks, corn dogs, fish sticks, and a variety of dipping condiments to top it all off. It was amazing, really. Dessert was rainbow sherbet with hot fudge on top with a half a heart cookie. Of course I broke the heart in half and put a half in each of our dessert so that we could put them together to make a full heart. A hopeless romantic, maybe, but she thought it was cute.

Thursday at my internship I did a little something different for lunch. I did not feel like making my normal bologna sandwich, so I went to the Union and got a Chicago-style hotdog and french fries and brought it back to the Press. It made me feel sort of fancy, really, ordering in my lunch at my job. It was neat feeling. Annmarie was swamped with homework, so we went to Subway for dinner during one of her study breaks to take advantage of their $5 footlong deal. I got a steak and cheese sub and she got a tuna sub. It was really good. We then fell asleep for half an hour when she was supposed to be studying. Oops. I left her apartment and went back to my house where I then met up with a group of friends and started drinking because we were going to the legendary Cactus.

I believe I am starting to get sick, and my stomach felt funny all day Friday, so the only thing I was able to stomach was a plate of fish sticks Friday evening after a long day of doing all sorts of things. Of course it is a Friday night so after coming back from a party around 3am with Annmarie, I drunkenly cooked some cheese and salsa quesadillas for the both of us. It was a very good choice.

Next week’s post should be more interesting since this is Valentine’s Day week and I am predicting fancy meals out and lots of candy.


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