Calendar Pasta

Who would have thought, a different pasta preference for everyday of the calendar year? To think I just boiled it in salt water for the recommended time. I really never thought about different ways of cooking pasta. For me, and don’t shame me for thinking in this fashion, pasta is an easy meal that does not take time and preparation. At least for me. Boiling the pasta for 10-15 minutes (or however long is recommended on the package) with however much salt is recommended, I follow. It usually turns out decent, sometimes rubbery in texture, but I guess I’m not too picky. I usually heat up Alfredo cream sauce or a simple red sauce to go over the pasta noodles. When I am feeling a little wild, I’ll put chicken, onions, mushrooms, etc., in it, or whatever I have lying around that I think will complement my fast-food pasta cravings. When I do eat pasta, I love the salty taste on it. Sometimes, dare I say it, I even put soy sauce on my noodles, along with more salt and other spices. You would think by now my blood pressure would be through the roof, but I’m healthy as a horse according to my doctor. Although I know I can’t eat like this forever, it’s a nice feeling.



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