Scott Conant

There is a judge on Food Network by the name of Scott Conant. He is an American chef, restaurateur, food personality, and author. He is best known for his appearances on Chopped and Iron Chef America. He is of Italian descent and is best known for his harsh critiques on Italian food that is prepared and presented before him. Conant is brutally honest to chefs when they make Italian food on said television shows. He is a pasta fanatic and will only eat pasta if it is perfectly prepared. Just the right amount of salt, just the perfect amount of boiling time, and a fast motion from boil to pan for it to be cooked to perfection. If anything of these things are slightly off, the chefs with without a doubt hear of it. This reminds me of what we were talking about in class this week, about Italians and their precision on food creation. They expect topnotch performances and when these performances aren’t so, they react in an almost offensive manor because the food is not acceptable. I always think that the chefs are brave on these television shows when they try making Italian cuisine when he is judging because he is just such a brutal judge. He is a very intellectual food authority and it is always really interesting to see him complement and critique chefs’ food production. He is fun to listen to when safely at home on your couch, but I would be deathly afraid of him if I were serving him foodstuffs.


One response to “Scott Conant

  1. i will do so research about this guy… i wonder where all his expertise is from…

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