The Jersey Shore

Cultural phenomenon? New-wave reality television stars? Embarrassing portrayals of the Italian culture? If you have not witnessed and experienced Jersey Shore, it is a must. These promoted “guidos,” born from Italian culture are obsessed with looks, sexual intercourse, and having a good time. They live their lives hard and as flashy as possible. This collective group of young individuals are without a doubt the craziest Italians I have ever seen. But, does this really represent true Italian culture, or are these people putting a bad name out there for descents of Italian ethnicity? All sides of this argument has been presented at some point or another. What is true about these eight young adults is that they love to cook dinner. They cook extremely glamorous meals that are huge in portions and take great pride in what they create. Each person doing an individual task to make the meal come together, whether it be cooking, setting the table, or cleaning the dishes. They take offense when some of the members do not show up to eat without warning because they have worked so hard to prepare such a wonderful meal. If you have not seen the Jersey Shore, I highly recommend its drama and culture-shock. See you on the shore.


One response to “The Jersey Shore

  1. i don’t have a TV and my students made me watch it… what really stroke me was how fat they are!! seriously!! fat and unrefined!! if i were an Italian-American i would feel outraged by this TV program just like i feel ashamed about the Italian stereotypes. but your clip was fun though… it was because in Italy we have no clue that Italian-Americans have such a strong accents even after generations… it’s a very interesting phenomenon.

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