Valentine’s Day

As everyone surely knows, Monday was Valentine’s Day, which marked Annmarie and I’s very first Valentine’s Day together. It was perfect to say the least. Full of chocolate, cute homemade creations, a wonderful dinner, and a perfect ending to the night, it was a day I won’t forget any time soon.

The only place Annmarie and I wanted to go was to Red Lobster, because we absolutely love seafood. Of course, everyone else had the same plan as us, and we waited about an hour and a half before we finally got a table. As soon as we sat down, we pretty much knew what we wanted. We got a special where you can get a salad, appetizer or dessert, and an entree for thirty dollars, not even including the endless bowls of delicious cheddar bay biscuits. We ate like a king and queen and left Red Lobster with our heads held high and our tummies full.

Since Annmarie had the largest box of heart-shaped chocolates in the world from yours truly, we decided to get the appetizer. We had three options, but we instantly thought that the stuffed seafood mushrooms would be a perfect choice, and the absolutely were. They were stuffed with lobster, crab, shrimp, and baked in a sloppy mess of cheese. We demolished these creations and were very pleased with the choice. All the while, we were getting baskets and baskets of cheddar bay biscuits; the server even asked if we were going for a world record. Duh. After the appetizer and biscuits, we waited on our two Caesar salads. When the salads came, they looked amazing. We dove into them almost right away. Covered in Parmesan cheese, black pepper, croutons, and crispy lettuce, it made healthy eating all worthwhile. I was very impressed with the salads, and I even ate a few bites of Annmarie’s since she could not finish her’s. I’m such a good boyfriend sometimes. After loving conversation and a few laughs at the people surrounding us, we awaited our entrees. Annmarie ordered the wood-grilled talapia and I ordered the garlic Alfredo shrimp and scallop pasta. Both were delicious. Of course, being the considerate couple that we are, we exchanged bites and were both impressed with the others choice. My bowl of pasta was gigantic and I was completely unable to consume the entire portion. It was wonderful. When we were both done and ready to leave, I put the rest of my pasta in a doggy bag and I paid for the meal and we left our special lobster area. The leftovers have been treating me well all week. With four cheddar bay biscuits and a large portion of pasta, I have been eating it for lunch on Tuesday and Thursday at my internship. The entire office smells of Red Lobster, so nostalgic. I honestly couldn’t have had a better time there. The company, the food, the atmosphere; everything was perfect. It was completely worth the almost two-hour wait at the beginning.


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