Your Typical Italian?

The rising label of “guido” is one that is used to describe Italians who are obsessed with muscles, tanning, looking good, and having a grand social life. But are these your typical Italians? One wouldn’t think, especially when taking a class such as Italian Foods and Culture. The movies that we have watched in class have portrayed Italians as a romance culture, one of caring and detail, which might not necessarily transition well to what these “guidos” resemble. Although these “guidos” might have similar family attachments, surely their actions cannot reflect those of true Italian culture and manor. What makes a “guido?” Well, first we’ll start off with the insatiable urge to tan, tan until your body not longer screams white. GTL. Gym, tan, laundry. Tanning is an everyday thing for these people and when they do skip a tanning session, they feel like they are getting white again. How about that hair? Typically called “blowouts,” these hardened hairstyles that are infused with cans of styling gel are almost indestructible. I have seen “guidos” on television that can go underwater and come back up with their hair perfectly in tact. Impressive? Maybe. Nice clothes and accessories accompany these muscled Italians for their intense nights of clubbing and picking up members of the opposite sex. In my opinion, I feel like these people represent their culture through image, if at all, rather than through culture and heritage. I obviously cannot speak for their home life, but by watching their actions on the beach or in the club, there is a possibility that they are giving American-Italians a bad name.


One response to “Your Typical Italian?

  1. Bodie,
    you have no idea how native italians feel ashamed by the image and stereotype of the Italian-Americans.
    i would say that the Guidos are a caricature of the typical southern Italian man from the 80s. I am not even sure nowadays they behave like this anymore.
    tanning was very much a must in the 80s now everybody is aware of skin cancer.
    fashion and looking good in a descrete way is a must for the whole nation but the Guidos are just a replica of a certain low social class you mostly find in the south of italy.
    the hair i wouldn’t know…

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