Food Log #6

This week has been a busy and fast-paced week. I have been eating out and eating at other people’s houses for most of the week. As everyone knows and has possibly celebrated, Valentine’s Day was on Monday. I have already written a special post for that day, so I won’t go into much more detail. We went to Red Lobster of course and got extremely full. Since it was Valentine’s Day, I requested the day off of work so Annmarie and I could spend it together. Tuesday Annmarie decided that she wanted to make a Valentine’s Day-themed meal for our Chopped Tuesday and that’s what she did. Before we go into dinner details, I will mention my Tuesday lunch. Since I got so much shrimp and scallop pasta, I had plenty to eat on Tuesday for lunch at my internship. It was delicious, again. For dinner, Annmarie made what my sister likes to call “dinosaur rolls,” at least that’s what she called them when we were younger. This creation consists of cream cheese, pickles, and ham. My mom used to make them with corned beef, but I feel like it all works the same. The crunchy, sweet, sour, bitter, meaty taste is perfect. I had to have seconds of this amazing appetizer. She made the cutest and best pizza boats afterwards. From what I understand, the magic comes from day-old Jimmy John’s bread, pizza ingredients, and heart-shaped Canadian bacon slices. Custom and adorable, right? It feels nice to have a girlfriend who cares about detail. For dessert, she went out of her way and made chocolate dipped strawberries with Spongebob sweettarts on them. She knows I love Spongebob, and it was a cute surprise for her to do that for me.

Wednesday, I didn’t eat anything for lunch and went to work and ate gyro meat in a bun and some pita bread and hummus. After work I ate a small peanut butter and jelly sandwich—I have been really into peanut butter and jelly sandwiches lately. I always forget how great they are. On Thursday, you guessed it, I ate the rest of my leftover Red Lobster. The noodles were a little tough, but I could still eat it without difficulty. I also ate a blackberry danish in which someone at my internship brought in for everyone. I snuck one out for Annmarie. For dinner, I ate at Annmarie’s again. We ate shells and cheese with tuna in it and mozzarella sticks because I’m a child. She gave me a Valentine’s chocolate afterwards because she likes me. This afternoon, again, Annmarie fed me lunch after our bowling class. She had to go to work at 3:30pm so before she left, I ate three mozzarella sticks and a poppyseed ham sandwich that her aunt made her. On her 21st birthday, her aunt made her 21 of them and I’ve been eating them ever since. This week has been a random week for me. I think tonight I’ll make some white rice. Until next week, stay hungry!


One response to “Food Log #6

  1. this description is so picturesque!
    can you believe that we started having spongebob only in the past 8 years or so??
    i grew up without him and to tell you the truth i don’t like him very much… i think it is the shoes and the fact it is a sponge. but i totally understand how we like these “people” we grew up with.
    so the mozzarella sticks are just for kids? I mean usually? they seem so conveniently shaped i got tempted many times to try them but never got the guts to really venture…

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