Food and Sickness

From the way I see it, food can be involved with sickness in one of two ways: Either the food is the one that causes food poisoning and destroys your body for two or three days, or food is a common cure for aliments such as the flu, common cold, stomach aches, etc. I personally have never had food poisoning before, so I cannot attest to that, but I’ve had friends who have unfortunately gotten it from Taco Bell or Arby’s or even food purchased from a store. Intense stomach pain and massive vomiting for days does not sound fun in the slightest bit. When one has food poisoning, they cannot keep anything in their stomachs.

Now on to the more important food and sickness subject. I like to think that some foods are cure foods that never fail. Sprite and dry crackers is always that go-to cure for an upset stomach, and I have used that before, but more intimate things stick out in my mind when putting food and sickness together. When I was younger and lived in my hometown of Elwood, Indiana, there is a small, family-owned restaurant called Mr. Happy Burger. They have all kinds of food, ranging from fish sandwiches, to hamburgers, hotdogs, and french fries, deep-friend mushrooms, and everything in between, but what foodstuff has a magical curing effect are their hamburgers. Nothing special, just a simple hamburger. When I was sick, my mom or dad would go out to this restaurant and they would buy a bunch of these cheap hamburgers and bring them back to us, and as soon as I would start eating them, I would start feeling better. It was amazing, really. Who would have known that something as simple as a hamburger would cure a small boy dealing with an upset stomach. Another trick my mom used to do when my sister and I were sick was making mashed potatoes and gravy. When we would stay home from school, my mom would make a big thing of mashed potatoes and gravy and it would always do the trick also. To this day, I still have a weird obsession with mashed potatoes and gravy. I make them and eat them all the time. I guess things do stay with you even when you get older.

Soup is another good cure for sickness, or at least feeling better. Chicken noodle soup is the more stereotypical soup for being sick, but I was always a huge fan of cream of mushroom soup or potato soup. Homemade or otherwise. My mom makes the best, more interesting potato soup. She of course chops the potatoes herself, but it just tastes so much different when she makes it. It’s hard for me to describe because I haven’t had it in so long. I believe that these food remedies are something that I will use on my children to make them feel better.


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  1. for another point a part of us never grows up… and certain memories and flavors stick intact into our minds.

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