Food Log #7

This week was my Chopped Tuesday. I wanted to go for a theme this week, and the theme was crab. I went to Walmart Monday evening after work and I bought the necessary ingredients to make my dish. For my appetizer portion of the meal, I thought I would do something that we learned in Italian Foods class, which was to have a pasta dish before the main course. For my pasta dish appetizer, I made a penne pasta dish with crab in it. The sauce was an Alfredo sauce (although not Italian), but it is still my favorite. I boiled the pasta in a pot while I started to simmer the Alfredo sauce. While those things were heating up to the necessary temperature, I began cutting up my packaged crab that I bought from the store. I used about half of the package and chopped it on a cutting board and put salt, pepper, and a bit of garlic on top of it for some seasoning. While the Alfredo sauce was heating up, I dropped the crab in it with a little pepper for some heat. What I learned from this was that you shouldn’t put crab in the Alfredo sauce because it waters it down too much. I had to put the rest of the jar in the pot so that it would keep it’s  consistency. The sauce was slightly watered down, but still good nonetheless. After everything was heated up, I put the pasta in the bowl, sprinkled some  parmesan cheese on the penne and then put the Alfredo/crab mixture on top of it. It turned out really well and Annmarie liked it very much.

For my main course, I wanted to keep the crab theme going throughout so what I made was cheesy crab risotto with crab cakes. I cheated a little with the risotto and bought it frozen so I could just heat it up. About twenty minutes after the appetizer I began cooking. I put the crab cakes in the oven, which was for sixteen minutes at four hundred degrees and waited for those to cook. While I waited, I chopped up another portion of the crab to mix with the risotto and seasoned it like I did previously. When the crab cakes had finished cooking, I brought them out of the oven and began preparing the risotto. When the risotto was done, I plated the crab cakes and put the cut crab on the plate that was heated and then put the risotto on top of this and served the food.

Dessert was pretty simple. I am not very good at cooking dessert foods, so what I did was I purchased two small blueberry pies and simply heated them up in the oven. Annmarie likes to talk about blueberry pies, so I thought it would be a nice treat for her after a very filling meal. They were delicious for how cheap they were. Annmarie could not finish her main course, so I have it in the refrigerator and I’m going to take it to work for my lunch on Tuesday, or possibly eat it this weekend. Overall, this Tuesday was a very successful one. I was pleased with how everything came out.

Wednesday for dinner at work I made two sandwiches that I used to eat when I was little because I had been talking to Annmarie about them. I made a ranch, American cheese, and cucumber sandwich on white bread and a tomato and mayonaise sandwich with salt on it. Sound strange? They are delicious. The tomato one is my favorite. Thursday I made a tuna sandwich for lunch at my internship and Annmarie bought me a chicken teriyaki sub from Subway for dinner, so very nice of her. Friday, through Purdue LACD, I found out I had won a year supply of Hotbox breadsticks, a free two topping large pizza from Bruno’s, and a free combo meal from Arby’s, which Annmarie also won. So after bowling, we decided to celebrate by getting our Arby’s combo meals. She got chicken strips and I got a sandwich. For dinner, one of my really good friends mom was visiting and she took a group of us out to Buffalo Wild Wings where I ate twelve wings—six parmesan garlic and six teriyaki with some celery on the side. All in all, it was a good week for food this week and I was very pleased with how it happened.


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