Statue of David

After the presentation on Friday, I thought it was very neat how Michelangelo’s Statue of David has a bigger head in relation to its body. I guess I had never thought about the different proportions of a statue when looking at it from a lower view. I think that it probably took a lot of time for Michelangelo to get that right because I would have never thought of it, even though I’m not an artist. I think I would like to see the statue in person to get a feel for how big the statue is. Maybe Florence will be in one of my around the world vacations someday. It seems like a beautiful play with a huge amount of culture and art. When I went on spring break last year to Austin, Texas, there were street artists on the sidewalks drawing portraits on the sidewalk with chalk like the presentation showed in Florence. They are wonderful pieces of work and are very nice to look at. Also like the people in Florence, they had hats beside their work so that people could throw money into the hat so that the artist could continue their style of work.


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