Food Log #8

This week for food has been somewhat different than other weeks. The food in our apartment has been dwindling down to nothing and we’ve been eating less and less because of our food shortage. Monday was my normal day at work, I’ve been obsessed with tomato, mayonnaise, and salt sandwiches lately, and I’ve been eating them a lot at work. I’ve had a lot to do this past week because I’ve had an exam, so I haven’t been in the mood to prepare intricate meals. I bought some old Jimmy John’s bread over the weekend and I thought it would be cool to try and make sandwiches out of it to take to work on Tuesday and Thursday. It turns out that when I made this really great sandwich for work and tried to eat it the next day, the bread was incredibly hard and the sandwich was almost impossible to eat. It was frustrating and sad. I ended up eating the half a can of pears that I brought to accompany my sandwich. I don’t think I’ll buy day-old JJ’s bread again any time soon. Live and learn is sometimes a difficult thing.

For Chopped  Tuesday, it was Annmarie’s turn to cook and she made a truly amazing meal. Hear in America, there is this little thing called brinner, which easily translates into breakfast for dinner. Wild, I know. For her appetizer, she made these little darling pancake bites, which were like tiny muffins, but were pancakes. She displayed them to me on a little plate with a shot glass full of syrup and it was absolutely delicious. I had to have seconds. For her main course, she made biscuits and sausage gravy that was perfect. We both really love biscuits and gravy and it was nice to be able to eat them, especially being homemade and all. For dessert, she whipped up a nice baked donut cake, which resembled a kind of coffee cake in texture, but was sweeter like a donut. It was interesting. Afterwards, we were both full and happy, so we played Wheel of Fortune on the N64, which rested our bodies, but not our minds.

For breakfast on Thursday, I made some food called Weetabix. My mom used to make them for my sister and I when we lived in England and she must have found some in a store and she gave them to use a while ago.  I finally figured out how to make them and whipped some up. I made them, put a spoon full of sugar in it, and some strawberry jelly in it. It was delicious, although I think you’re supposed to make it with milk instead of water. Next time. For dinner on Thursday, Annmarie came over and brought some chicken patties and I made some mashed potatoes and gravy and full the chicken patties on the leftover JJ bread (mistake) and called the creation Bodie’s chicken boats. It didn’t work out well because the bread was too hard and it ended up being annoying and hard to eat, so we ditched the bread and stuck with the mash and chicken.

This weekend involved a lot of junk food unfortunately. Taco Bell was featuring 88 cent crunchwraps, I have eaten like five of them in the last three days. I have also eaten cheesy potatoes, free breadsticks for Hotbox, and I ate Burger King with my parents today because they came to visit me.


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