The movie Big Night that we are watching, or I guess now, almost finishing, is so wonderful. I am enjoying it so much. It is by far my favorite movie that we have watched in class so far. It is very entertaining and incredibly funny. The food that they had during the final feast that the star was supposed to come to was so unique. The dome pasta dish that was created blew my mind. I could not even fathom what it took to create that dish. It looked like a giant brain filled with delicious foods. I would love to have tried some. On top of that dish, everything else that they served looked amazing as well. The pig at the end surprised me a great deal because it was sort of creepy looking. Besides the foods, the culture of the Italian people throughout the movie was very different and interesting, too. They were obsessed with perfection and would not serve anything less. They just couldn’t understand why their restaurant wasn’t succeeding. I guess this kinds of desensitizes the way Italians deal with Americans—the Americans weren’t expecting so much quality and prep work going into their meal, they just wanted to eat and get it over with, and the Italian cook did not like it. Everything else that happened throughout the movie presented a lot about Italian culture as well; romantic relationships, friendships, business strategies, and everything in between was completely different from what Americans present themselves during those types of situations. Things seem to be more romanticized within the Italian culture and things seem projected in ways that make them more intense.


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