Food Log #10 (Spring Break)

Spring break was one of the most intense food endeavors that I’ve had in quite sometime. We ate the best foods every single day. Starting on Sunday, we had a 14 hour drive ahead of us. We stopped at Walmart in Lafayette and bought some necessities for the road: crackers, cup noodles, donuts, gatorade, and a few other snacks for the ride and the hotel room. After hitting the open road, we stopped in Kentucky and ate Burger King. Annmarie got a double cheeseburger and I got something similar. We drove into the night and stopped in North Carolina in a hotel room for the night. Everything around us was closed because it was so late on a Sunday evening, so we were forced to get McDonald’s. I got a double fish fillet and it was magical. I didn’t even know it existed. After waking up, we went to check out the free breakfast the hotel provided. It was very disappointing because everything seemed like it had been out for a while, so of course we took six danishes and hit the road for a four hour drive to Myrtle Beach. After getting tons of coupons for restaurants all over the area, we decided on Senor Frogs bar and grill for our Monday evening dinner. With a purchase of a single entree, we got a free order of nachos. We order the chicken enchiladas and split them and then got the nachos. The food was amazing. Annmarie got a mixed drink and I got a PBR. It was a fun time. Tuesday, we got up and hit the beach for a while. I enjoyed some beers on the beach and Annmarie drank too. We got pretty day drunk and walked down the boardwalk to happy hour at a local restaurant. I ordered a footlong hotdog and a corndog, along with a beer, and Annmarie got a hotdog and afterwards got a funnel cake, which she enjoyed like she’s never enjoyed anything before. I tried it and it was very good. Later in the evening we got Hardee’s and it was also delicious. We were both really warn out after that. Wednesday, it was Annmarie and I’s five month anniversary, so after walking around the Broadway area, we decided to go to an all-you-can-eat seafood buffet for dinner. It was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. Crab legs stacked to the ceiling, oysters and muscles everywhere, she-crab soup and clams, scallops in all ways, seafood mushrooms, hush puppies, and so many more things that I can’t remember. Afterwards, of course dessert, in which I got flan and a strawberry shortcake concoction. We were so full. Thursday, we decided that we really wanted to experience some southern BBQ. A restaurant and saloon called Thorny’s struck a cord with us because it was advertised as the best BBQ in the surrounding area. We also had a coupon. We wanted to go out later in the evening for St. Patty’s Day, so we split a large entree. We ordered a platter that had BBQ ribs, BBQ chicken, and steak fries. It was incredible. Extremely glad we went there. Caesar salad and bread were also served with this. We were full and happy afterwards. Later that evening, we went out to celebrate. My girlfriend actually drank half a Guinness all by herself. On Friday, our last day at the beach, we decided that we wanted sushi, something that we both love with all our hearts. On Broadway, we saw this neat place called King Kong Sushi (we also had a coupon) so we went there. It was the best choice. We ordered two speciality rolls, one regular roll, and we got a free spicy tuna roll with the coupon. I can’t remember what the other rolls were called. They had very exotic names. We ate this sushi with smiles on our faces. The atmosphere was fantastic and we had a great last night. It was definitely the best choice for our last night at Myrtle Beach. Saturday morning, we got Denny’s for breakfast so that we could be powered up so make the straight 14 hour drive back to West Lafayette. It was very good. I ate a breakfast slamwich. I didn’t even mention the many lunches we ate along the boardwalk, which consisted of New York style pizza, hotdogs, and other treats that exist along the beachside.


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