Leaving the Jersey Shore

In previous posts, I have mentioned a TV show entitled Jersey Shore that portrays Italian individuals in a very different like, sometimes, rather embarrassing. These Italians seem to be much different than what we have learned in class about the Italian culture. These Italians love getting extremely drunk and making fools of themselves, but in the same light, they also tend to support many proper Italian cultural entities. They enjoy large family meals, their parents are all Italian and act in that manor, and they pride themselves with their Italian heritage. Annmarie and I love this show very much. This Thursday ends season three of the TV show, much to our sadness. This left us wondering: where will season four be held? Guess what? The cast and crew of Jersey Shore are going to ITALY. There has not been a set location yet, but it is rumored that Italy will be hosting the cast of crazy Italian-Americans. What is so interesting about this situation is basically about everything we have learned about Italians in class. As Lucia has mentioned, Italians are reserved, do not like to party or get super drunk, and they surely do not act like the cast of this TV show. How are they going to fit in? The language barrier alone presents the biggest problem. In America, these young adults go to clubs and party and hookup with different people, but can they get away with this type of behavior in Italy? It is going to be very interesting to find out.

Here is an article I found on the internet about the situation: http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2011/01/25/jersey-shore-cast-head-italy-shoot-season-report-claims/. I am very unsure about this, but it is going to be fun to see these “Italians” fit in into real Italian culture. I hope Italy is ready for the cast and crew of Jersey Shore!


One response to “Leaving the Jersey Shore

  1. you forget to precise that these are Italian Americans and to a native italian they are just Americans… with all that this adjective means outside the American borders…. think about national image and stereotypes… nobody in italy will look at the them and think “oh look italiani” so…?

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