I was surfing the internet to see what this timpano is all about and to see if there were different kinds out there in the world, and I stumbled upon some very different ones with all kinds of different ingredients in them. Some had spaghetti, some had other forms of pasta, some have vegetables in them—it seems like there are endless possibilites when making this two-day dish. It’s something that I think I’d really like to make, or at least try, but at the same time, making food that takes two days to prepare seems a little outlandish for a college student like myself. I feel like it’s a big feat for anyone. Professional chefs probably have a hard time doing this when they are attempting to make something of this magnitude. Another thing that I thought was very interesting is that when you type in “timpano ingredients,” the very first hit that comes up has Big Night in it. Most of the other searches underneath the first one have references to the movie as well. Is this the first time that something like that has been mentioned within some sort of popculture media outlet? It seems like Big Night really helped spark and interest for this Italian dish. I do have to say that the timpano in Big Night looks a lot more appetizing than this one in the picture. The spaghetti makes it look sloppy and like the inside of someone’s body, like guts. I think that it would be too mushy for me this way. I like what Secondo and Primo did with theirs. They layered the dish with appetizing ingredients, like eggs, sausage, meatballs, and other meats, along with all of the cheeses, of course. I would definitely support their restaurant if their timpano was a regular dish that was being advertised.


One response to “Timpano

  1. to me the main problem of the timpano is the amount of food you end up with. so i suggest to make sure to have enough people enjoying it because if you portion it and freeze it, it won’t be as good!
    i think you get a lot of results related to Big Night because the real name of this dish is “timballo” and timpano is a word used in the movie so they go together…
    but if you google “timballo” you’ll get as many varieties…. also notice how the ingredients are generally cheap but how time and care make it such a great thing.

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