Food Log #11

It has been tough getting back in routine after coming back from spring break. When we got back from spring break, we didn’t feel like making anything to eat on Sunday because of the long drive we had the previous day. I happened to have a coupon for a free large, two-topping pizza from Bruno’s and we used that to get our pizza. We got pepperoni and black olives and it was pretty spectacular. Monday, I ate something small for breakfast, cereal, I think, and for dinner I ate a salad and a piece of chicken. I wasn’t feeling very hungry, so I didn’t eat much like I normally do. Tuesday, I packed two frozen burritos for my lunch at work and happily ate them. They were the cheap from kind, and the contents were chicken, but the chicken looked like chicken baby food, which kind of weirded me out. They were good, though. For dinner Tuesday night, Annmarie made an amazing Italian pasta meal. I can’t remember what it was called, but it was wonderful. It consisted of angel hair pasta and some sort of lemon chicken, which she de-boned herself. Caesar salad was for our appetizer and lemon Italian ice followed as our dessert course. I was very pleased with this meal. Wednesday, I forgot what I ate during the day, but I ate some garlic mashed potatoes and some sort of cannoli with a very good sauce on top for dinner at work. Thursday, I packed a bean burrito and a package of steamed vegetables for lunch and made those. The bean burrito was a little more appealing aesthetically than the chicken ones. That evening, a group of us went bowling and there was a special deal at Market Square Lanes in Lafayette where it was six dollars for unlimited bowling for 9pm – 12am and free shoe rental, with quarter pieces of pizza, fifty cent hotdogs, fifty cent nachos, and cheap pitchers of beer. It was a lot of fun. Friday, I made some crab pasta for Annmarie and I and I didn’t eat dinner because I was still full from lunch. I went home Saturday afternoon and my mom made me my favorite pineapple, ham, and BBQ sauce pizza and on Sunday she made me pigs-in-a-blanket and onion potatoes that are really, really delicious.


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