Food Log #12

This week has been a very stressful and weird week for me. I hadn’t been feeling myself and it was a tough few days to get through. Because of that, I didn’t eat that much because I had zero appetite. I would eat a small dinner usually and something tiny for lunch, if anything at all. Things started getting better on Thursday after my psychology exam. Annmarie and I went to Maru Sushi for a dinner date around six Thursday evening. We were both really hungry so we decided to be daring and get six sushi rolls. We ate everything. We ordered a New Orleans roll, a Sunday Morning roll, a White Castle roll, and three different California rolls that varied from spicy, deep-fried, and regular. It was absolutely the most delicious meal I’ve had in a long time and it was a good first meal feeling like myself again. We walked around campus for a while and then met up with some people later in the evening after watching a movie. Friday, after our bowling course, we doubled up on making a breakfast sandwich. I can’t scramble eggs very well and Annmarie is a master at it so she created the best eggs and I made the bacon and toast for the sandwich. On mine I put bacon, eggs, mayo, garlic parm hot sauce, and some seasoning. It was wonderful! It was another great, fantastic meal created by us. Very proud of it. This weekend I went up north with a group of friends to Michigan City and then to Chicago Saturday. We went to the dunes and had a perfect picnic on the Lake Michigan beach. Everything from two kinds of potato salad, fried chicken, fruits, desserts, chips, cheeses, bologna sandwiches, and other things you couldn’t dream of. It was great and I was so incredibly full afterwards. We went on a hike to ease the pain. The rest of the weekend was very random with foods. It was a beautiful weekend to end a very tough and stressful week for me.


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