Food Log #13

This week hasn’t been very exciting in terms of foodstuffs. I was pretty tired coming back to West Lafayette on Sunday. I hung out with Annmarie all night and we watched Chopped and other things. I didn’t feel very well so I barely ate anything all day because of stomach hurt. We used a coupon and got free breadsticks from Hotbox pizza and I ate some kola yummies, which is a delicious little snack treat. We went to bed pretty early because we were both really warn out from the weekend. Her mom had visited over the weekend and brought Annmarie tons of snacks. She gave me a cream-filled donut with chocolate on top for breakfast, which was very good. We split a pepperoni pizza for lunch and I had a small dinner at work because of the pizza for lunch. Tuesday for lunch at work I ate a TV dinner and one of my co-workers gave me a giant piece of cheese Villa pizza. It’s always really nice when people there give me food. As always, Chopped Tuesday was a go and Annmarie made Chinese food. Chicken egg rolls for appetizer, beaf and broccoli with delicious sauce and white rice for main course, and rice pudding for dessert. She kept it very authentic. I had seconds it was so good. Wednesday, overall it was a lame food day. I only ate dinner, which consisted of a chicken dumpling and an enchilada. I had a piece of pizza that my sister and her boyfriend made after work. It was pretty good—thinking back on all of this, I consumed a lot of pizza this week. Thursday at work for lunch I ate some steamed garlic vegetables and a corndog, which sparked my love for corndogs again. I always forget how much I love them. So of course Thursday for dinner I made Annmarie and I corndogs and mashed potatoes and gravy. Awesome combination, I know. Today, Friday, I made tater tots, corndogs, and a few chicken tenders for us to eat. Overall, this week has been kinda lazy for food. Lots of frozen foods that can be just heated up. This weekend should be interesting for food because Annmarie and I plan on going to the Bug Bowl to eat chocolate covered crickets and I’m going to try Greensprout for the first time on Saturday evening!


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