Food to Celebrate

When I think about the combination of food and celebration, I feel as if they go hand-in-hand together. Whenever a celebration is in order, I picture an array of food and drinks and large quantities of family and friends enjoying themselves, while enjoying said foods and beverages. Weddings, graduations, awards, honors, birthdays, success stories—all of these things and more are accompanied by food and enjoyment. I might even go out on a limb and say that having a celebration without food is almost a sin. I think I’ll stick by that remark.

For me and my family, even friends, combining food and celebrations is key. Whether it be this past Thanksgiving, when my Friend Johnny had Fallsgiving, a Thanksgiving dinner potluck where people brought food and beverages to his apartment and we simply celebrated each other and how thankful we were to know one another. There was so much food it was almost unbearable. There was a turducken, which is a chicken inside of a duck inside of a giant turkey. Don’t believe me? Google it! It was insanely good and everyone else thought so, too. My family enjoys celebrating with food as well. My parents have already started planning the celebration that is going to take place when I graduate college in May. They are already making plans for food and alcohol and other beverages. Even on the Fourth of July, my parents have a huge cookout where my extended family comes and we eat grilled foods and enjoy each others company. Having reasons to get families together is always served best with food and fun. Having food to celebrate almost anything is one of the best things a person can do.

Recently Annmarie and I went to a wedding and there was so much food at this wedding it was unbelievable. There were tons of appetizers and drinks during cocktail hour and the main course of salmon and crab was incredible. This was of course followed by cake and during the reception even more sweets were offered to the guests. Having food to celebrate special occasions is a nice way to show everyone how much they all mean to you. Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter—most large holidays have those special meals that you eat with your family and friends. My mom always cooks a turkey and puts a lot of effort into making a nice Christmas dinner for us, and so does my grandma on Christmas Eve. Thanksgiving at my grandmas is the same. It’s hard to get all family members together because of busy schedules, so when it does happen, it is even more special. Celebrating these occasions with food is just a way to entertain, make people feel welcomed, and to show everyone how important they are.

The best celebrations I’ve ever been to have been accompanied with food. Annmarie took me out to a special birthday dinner to celebrate me turning a year older, and so did my parents when they came to visit. Annmarie and I like to go out to dinner on our monthly anniversaries for a small celebration of how much we mean to each other. Food creates conversation, going to a fancy restaurant can show how much the other person means to you, and everything in between. It’s just nice to escape reality sometimes and just celebration and gorge yourself with delicious food with the people that you love the most.


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