Although it was a few weeks ago, I would like to write a little about the film we watched in class called DINNER RUSH. Firstly, it was a fantastic film. It was completely different from the other films that we watched (not saying the other films were bad in the least) but there was a more modern feel to the film that I think the students in the class were able to connect with. The strong aim towards food was complimented by the seriousness of the mob and the violence that came along with each member of the different gangs. The rivalry between the men in the movie was always in the back of everyone’s mind because deep down inside, everyone loves action and violence. I thought the film was a perfect blend of rough, romance, action, food descriptions and illustrations, scandals, and everything in between. The characters were strong and unpredictable and with that brought uneasiness because of all the flaws between each character. I really liked the character played by the assassin/business man. Throughout the entire film, no one knew what part he played in everything. Finally, at the end, his part comes in with a literal BANG and his coolness is elevated even further. Sophisticated as it was enjoyable, DINNER RUSH was a fun watch and I would have definitely watched it outside of our Italian class.


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