Favorite Alcohol Beverages

Since I’m a college student, alcohol has been a large part of my social life for the last five years. Going to parties, drinking with friends, celebrating various things such as birthdays, championship games, and holidays. Now that I’m getting older drinking a lot is going to have to be limited a lot. Drinking a beer or two in the evening, or maybe a small mixed drink after work might be what my alcohol intake consists of for a while. I really love nice beer, i.e., expensive beer that tastes good rather than cheap beer in quantities. I picture myself being a beer guy in my older age, just like my dad. My beer tastes better than what he drinks, though. He doesn’t appreciate the beer than I drink.

Vodka Cranberry This is a drink that I usually order at bars when I’m forced to buy drinks there. Drinks are usually expensive, but sometimes the bars around here have drink specials for well drinks and I get a vodka cranberry or two. My friends tend to make fun of me because they say it’s a girly drink because I’m not drinking their strong manly whiskey, but whatever, I like it. Vodka is really the only hard alcohol I can stand, so I’ll stick with my vodka cranberry!

New Belgium Fat Tire Fat Tire is one of my favorite beers that I like drinking casually. It’s slightly more expensive than your normal domestic beers, but it tastes fantastic and the aesthetic feel from the artsy labels really make it an experience. There are all kinds of Fat Tire—all of themdelicious. The IPA and the darker brews are my favorites. Sometimes they remind me of Christmas.

White Russian This mixed drink is another one of my favorites that is made with vodka. This creation is a mix between vodka, Kahlua, and creamer or milk. This mixture tastes surprisingly like chocolate milk with a slight after burn. It’s one of those drinks where you make one and just sit and watch TV or a movie. They are very enjoyable and should be drank in a glass drinking object.

Bell’s Java Stout This is another one of my favorite beers. It’s really expensive, around $18 for a six-pack, but it’s so delicious. I rarely buy it—usually just a single bottle here and there—but it’s always well worth it. I wish I could buy six-packs of it more, but maybe that’ll be one day in my life. This beer is a dark, rich stout with a java coffee taste. It’s amazing. One of my favorite beers.

Young’s Double Chocolate Stout Yes, you read it correctly, a chocolate beer. This beer is one of my favorite beers of all time. It’s dark, bold, and tastes like chocolate—well, as much as beer can taste like chocolate. They are only sold in tall cans in four-packs, and they are similarly expensive to the Bell’s, but when I want to spoil myself, I usually get these. Sometimes when I go to Chumley’s on schooner night, I get a schooner full of Young’s for only six dollars.


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