Italian Commercials

So, what I’ve been noticing throughout our course so far is that every time an Italian commercial is played on YouTube, there commercial is always extremely short. On average, they are usually around 15 seconds long, which seems rather short compared to American commercials. Is that something that is a thing in Italy, or does it just so happen to be the commercials we’ve been watching in our class that are short? Just out of curiosity. It makes me wonder about their television technology as a whole—that is, how they span television shows and what kind of media/programing do they provide via broadcasting. I tried looking for pictures of Italian televisions on Google because for some reason I feel like they look a lot different than our televisions in the USA.


One response to “Italian Commercials

  1. you’ll be surprised to know that technologically wise european countries are more advanced than the US. as for the commercial, they usually last 30 sec. no more because people don’t pay attention to longer commercials. also we don’t advertise as many medications as over here.

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