Today’s presentation, along with the fact that we were told that Sardinia is a paradise, made me really want to become more familiar with the area. It’s incredible how blue and clear the waters are in this area. It’s kind of hard to believe how beautiful the water is. It makes me wonder if the rest of the area is as wonderful as the ocean front and clear water. I would take Annmarie on a vacation there when I am taking money bathes when I’m older. Maybe I’ll make my second home in Sardinia so I can go there and visit whenever the terrible weather here becomes to cold and bitter to handle. I’m usually afraid of large bodies of water because I can’t see the bottom and something dangerous could be down there, but here, you can see the bottom of the water! It’s definitely a plus and I would not mind at all if I were to float out farther than the coastline. We recently went on vacation to Myrtle Beach, which obviously resides on the Atlantic Ocean, and the water was very cold and you couldn’t see the bottom of the ocean a few feet out into the water. Here, it’s the opposite. It seems that you can see the bottom of the ocean very far out. I would assume that the weather here is very warm and beach activity is very plentiful a lot of the time. My kind of area for sure. Cross your fingers for me that one day I’ll visit here and be able to put my two feet in this amazing water!


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